An “Active” smoke (and gas) detection system constantly draws in and samples the air in a space. These systems detect fire or toxic gasses much earlier than traditional “Passive” smoke detection which waits for the smoke to reach a detector. These precious minutes can make a huge difference when protecting spaces that contain business critical equipment or valuable assets, such as server rooms, control rooms, museums, etc.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is the market leader when it comes to “Active” detection systems. Early warning thresholds can be set to provide early notification of possible fire or toxic gas conditions. As additional thresholds are crossed, alarms can be configured to sound, the fire department can be notified, and pre-action sprinkler valves or gaseous fire suppression systems can be activated.

View this brief video to see an “Active” smoke detection system work in conjunction with a clean agent fire suppression system in a server room. – View this brief video

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