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Code Compliance Programs

Inspection and Service is Silco’s specialty. 25,000 customers rely on Silco for periodic inspection and service of critical fire and security equipment every year.

Bundle Your Services
Do you have different vendors servicing your fire protection equipment and systems at different times of the year? Simplify your business and Contact Us about a bundled service program to take care of all your fire protection at one time.

Silco cross trains all of its technicians to be able to service multiple pieces ofequipment and systems, allowing us to more efficiently serve our customers. Take advantages of these efficiencies and bundle with Silco.

Do you know what equipment you have?
Allow us to help you get a handle on your fire protection equipment and systems. We will create a custom report to capture information on all of your equipment.

Do you know when your equipment is due for service?
Allow Silco to create a report to summarize your equipment and its due dates. Silco will also advise you on ways to more efficiently synchronize inspections of equipment to reduce trips to your site and ultimately reduce your expense.

What will your expenses be this month, next month, next year?
Silco has various reporting options to create service schedules and budgets by site, equipment types, etc.

What is the status of your equipment?
At the completion of each inspection, your technician will provide you with an inspection report detailing all the testing that was completed, including any deficiencies found during the inspection. Minor and/or critical repairs can be completed at the same time as the inspection. For all other deficiencies found during the inspection, you will receive a typed repair quote for these items within 2 business days.

Silco also has organizational tools and reports to help you keep track this information.

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