Serving Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana For Over 50 Years

Data Centers / IT / Communication

These specialized environments require extensive expertise to install, service, and inspect their intricate Fire & Security systems. We are experienced in servicing all types of fire suppression systems, VESDA and other brand air sampling smoke detection systems, pre-action sprinkler systems, clean agent fire extinguishers, and access control systems. We are on the cutting edge of access control technology, including biometric authentication technologies.

Regarding new fire suppression system installations, FM200 was one of the first alternatives to Halon 1301. While we can install FM200 systems, most of our customers prefer to install Sapphire (Novec1230) or Inergen fire suppression systems due to their lower Global Warming Potential and Atmospheric Lifetimes. Sapphire and Inergen also come with Environmental Warranties from Ansul.

All Silco fire systems technicians carry sprinkler, fire alarm, pre-engineered, and engineered fire suppression systems licenses allowing them to test your entire “system” instead of only the certain components. Where these systems interconnect are some of the most critical components and are often not tested properly, or sometimes not tested at all.

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