Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Silco has an in house design department comprised of NICET Level III and Level IV fire alarm design engineers to consult with customers on their fire alarm projects, including voice evacuation, mass notification, and emergency communication systems. For new fire alarm installations, Silco primarily installs Honeywell and Bosch brand systems. Honeywell systems include Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Gamewell-FCI, and Farenhyt. Fire-Lite and Silent Knight are great choices for small to medium sized fire alarm systems. However, for larger systems, Gamewell-FCI and Farenhyt have almost limitless scalability and features.


Fire Alarm Inspections, Service & Monitoring

Silco can inspect, service, and monitor virtually all brands of fire alarm systems, including many proprietary brand systems. 25,000 customers rely on Silco for periodic inspection, service, and monitoring of critical fire protection equipment.


Silco fire alarm technicians also carry sprinkler and engineered suppression systems licenses allowing them to test your entire “system” instead of only the alarm components. Where these systems interconnect are some of the most critical components of the overall system and are often not tested or not tested properly.


We realize that a consistent technician is very important to our customers. Silco assigns a primary technician to your account so that we become familiar with you and your facility. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Silco realizes that long term quality people make the difference. Click here to learn more about our people.






Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

More and more fire alarm systems are being installed with a Mass Notification component. The reasons are pretty straightforward: horns and strobes only communicate there is an alarm.

Mass Notification Systems can direct building occupants on what to do and where to go during a multitude of potential emergencies. In a large building or campus environment, instructions might vary by area or building. For non fire emergencies such as an active shooter or tornado, specific instructions can be shared with occupants. To learn more, visit our Emergency Communications Systems page.

Monitoring – POTS Phone Line Alternatives

Many of our customers are getting rid of their expensive POTS telephone lines and migrating to internet and or cellular monitoring. There is proposed legislation to eliminate POTS telephone lines as early as 2018. In addition, as more and more legs of the communication path convert to digital, these lines are becoming increasingly unreliable. In 2013, NFPA 72 began prohibiting new fire alarm installations from being monitored over telephone lines only. If you would like to learn more about eliminating your phone lines, please give us a call.

VESDA (Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection)


Traditional smoke detectors are considered passive smoke detection, meaning that smoke has to migrate to the detector and enter the smoke chamber to cause an alarm. VESDA uses air sampling technology and draws in air from various points then analyzes the air for smoke particles. The result is dramatically quicker detection. Multi stage warning alarms can be programmed. Trigger points are customizable.


These systems are ideal for protecting critical areas such as server rooms and telecommunication rooms. We often pair VESDA with pre-action sprinklers (greatly reduces the risk of water accidentally leaking or discharging in a room) or special hazard fire suppression systems (to extinguish a fire in its earliest stages before significant damage occurs).


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