For decades Fire Alarms and Security Alarm Systems have relied on copper phone lines (POTS lines) for reporting signals to the monitoring center. Like most other industries, times have changed and there are new technologies available.

In the telephone industry, POTS phone lines are becoming scarce. For voice, just about everyone is using some form of Voice of IP. This is the technology your cable company uses at your home to provide phone service or the T-1 you use for phone service at work.

Unfortunately Voice over IP telephone technology and alarm systems don’t work well together. Most businesses are still paying for separate POTS phone lines for their alarm system monitoring. In most cases POTS phone lines cost around $50/month each. Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring requires 2 phone lines adding up to $100 per month ($1,200 per year).

With modern Cellular and IP technology now available, you can achieve even better protection, and eliminate these expensive phone lines.

There is also proposed legislation to eliminate POTS telephone lines as early as 2018. In the Cincinnati market we have begun hearing from customers that their phone carrier is stopping support of POTS lines in certain areas.

So why stay ahead of the curve and save money in the process.

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