Schools (K-12)

Silco has extensive experience consulting and working with K-12 schools in Ohio.

Schools, have unfortunately been a target of an act of violence, theft or an active shooter situation. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and the threat level increases dramatically in seconds. Most occurrences happen without warning and at random with no pattern or method of choosing victims. The average time a threat lasts is approximately 10 – 15 minutes, many times the damage has been done and the threat has evacuated before law enforcement is even on scene. Can you afford not to have a plan in place? Protect yourself, your employees and your property with electronic security measures from Silco. All of our security systems are fully customizable and designed for each situation and level of security needed. From secure access doors, to video surveillance of your entire facility, inside and out with real time activity monitoring, you will have more peace of mind knowing you are protected from potential threats. Silco has you covered! With our hassle-free visual access to any of your locations from your desktop computer, your tablet or phone, you’re always in control. Simple. Safe. Secure. Silco.


Access Control

From secure access fingerprint scanners, to emergency threat lock down stations, you can control who is granted access to your facility. We offer employee / guest ID badges or FOB’s and we will even take care of the design and printing for you! Access door lock downs can be on demand, or on a set schedule, and you can view and control all of this from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Select which doors have access during set times and control levels of access for personnel.




Silco offers a wide range of cameras and network video solutions for any size job or budget. Dome cameras, fixed position cameras, PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras, and full integration of door access and security system through camera software. Add analytics to your bundle to increase the security in certain areas. Including lost objects, line crossing, missing objects, and liability control, the possibilities are endless. Video walls to monitor all of your cameras at once with real time activity.



Silco can monitor all of your Fire & Security services, and remote lock or unlock doors and zones remotely in real time.


Intercom / Video Intercom

Easily hear and see who is requesting access to your school and grant or deny access from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. PIN code access is also available for frequent visitors or desktop computer.



Silco offers many different options to fit any budget or facility size. Control cameras and access to buildings from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Some apps can be integrated to function with your smart-watch.


Talk to one of our security experts and see how easy it can be to secure your school. For questions, or to request a quote or site visit with one of our Security experts, please call us or fill out and submit the form on our Contact Us page.

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