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Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps and Backflows

Wet-valves, dry-valves, pre-action & detection systems, foam systems… it may all seem a little overwhelming.

Let us be your expert on servicing your water based fire protection systems. We can document what you have, what the service requirements are, and the best ways to insure that your water based system(s) continue to function properly for years to come.

Service Is Our Focus
Sprinkler system inspection and service is our specialty. 25,000 customers rely on Silco for periodic inspection and service of critical fire protection equipment. Many Sprinkler installation firms do inspections in between installation jobs or when new installation work slows down. We find in many cases this practice frequently results in “overdue inspections” which can cause serious liability concerns. With Silco, inspection, service, and repairs are our mainstay. They always come first.

Interconnected Systems
In addition to wet and dry sprinkler systems, Silco has extensive expertise with pre-action, deluge, and foam sprinkler systems. All Silco sprinkler technicians also carry fire alarm and engineered suppression systems licenses allowing them to test your entire “system” instead of only the sprinkler components. Where these systems interconnect are some of the most critical components of the system and are often not tested properly, or sometimes not tested at all.

Services Performed In House
While many companies subcontract larger repairs or even fire pump testing, Silco self performs these services.

We install, inspect, and service sprinkler systems

Confined Space Safety
Sprinkler pits are Permit Required Confined Spaces according to OSHA. All Silco personnel are certified in Confined Space Entry. The breathing environment in the pit is metered prior to and during the entry. A tripod with a safety line is used and a second technician (the attendant) remains outside the pit.

Electrical Safety
When testing most electric fire pumps, the pump tester is required to take electrical readings inside the pump controller which contains 480 volts. Silco follows the proper arc flash safety precautions required by OSHA, including wearing the proper full arc flash protective suit and other safety equipment.

Emergency Service
Emergency Service is available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. Call us, we will be here.