The Silco Difference

No Long Term Contract Required

The industry norm is to lock customers into 3 or 5 year contracts. We don’t subscribe to this philosophy. Silco’s monitoring service is year to year. We feel it is our obligation to earn your business every year.

Customer Owned Equipment

We find some customers knowingly or unknowingly lease their equipment. Most leases are never ending so the equipment is never yours. With Silco you own your equipment. We do offer financing options if needed to allow customers to pay for a new system over time.

Installation Not Contracted

While subcontracting is common practice in the fire and security industry, we believe quality is highest when our own employees perform installations. In almost all cases Silco does not subcontract. Employees have been trained through our internal training program and know our installation standards.

Automatic Daily Communication Test

Fire and security alarm systems can be programmed to send a test signal to the monitoring center to confirm the systems can communicate in the event of an alarm. Without this test signal, a phone line could be cut or the system could malfunction and we would have no way of knowing there was an issue.

Commercial fire alarms require this test signal to be sent at least daily. There are no regulations for security alarms, so most companies don’t program a signal or only program a monthly signal to save cost. Our standard for all new systems is to program a daily communication test and we will call you right away if your system does not test. When it comes to protecting life and property you have to know that your system will work when you need it!

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    Jake Plogman
    8/16/2019 - Google

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    Angilo's Pizza
    8/09/2019 - Google

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    Bill Frost
    8/05/2019 - Google

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    Paul Weisgerber
    8/01/2019 - Google

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    Debbie Dourson
    7/15/2019 - Google

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    Joseph Sucato
    7/09/2019 - Google

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    garry Brockmeyer
    7/05/2019 - Google

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    Rick Maxwell
    7/05/2019 - Google

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    Sharon Pennington
    7/01/2019 - Google

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    zach jeppson
    6/28/2019 - Google

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    Billy James
    6/18/2019 - Google

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    Nancy Allenbaugh
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    manager Brad
    5/17/2019 - Google

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    Adam Reed
    5/15/2019 - Google

    Bobby was amazing! Very thorough and knowledgeable. He did a... read more

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    Todd Byers
    5/06/2019 - Google

    I had an opportunity to work with Jason at a... read more

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