Not only to catch burglars anymore… Modern camera systems are now being used for a much wider range of functions. The quality and ease of navigation has come a long way since the old VCR’s and searching with a fast forward button. Modern cameras are easily searched to find an exact point in time. Most software now contains connectivity to your alarm system or access control system that can trigger an event when your alarm goes off or an action occurs on your system. The software can insert “bookmarks” in the video file, or even text and email short video clips to whoever may need to be notified.

On the residential side of video and security, home systems that used to just notify the police when there is an alarm, can now do much more with video. Homeowners can look in on their house or garage when on vacation or at work. Parents can check in when the front door opens to see which child has arrived home safely and when someone leaves. In the event of an actual intrusion, video can be recorded to help law enforcement track down the burglar and hopefully your own possessions.

Business owners are seeing a great benefit from video within the workplace for many reasons. From monitoring machines/production line operations, to preventing erroneous workers compensation claims for accidents, to monitoring employee productivity, there are many uses for cameras in business today.

In some cities across the country “Video Verification” is becoming required due to the volume of false alarms that burden the police departments. In these areas, before a police department will dispatch an officer to an intrusion alarm, the customer (residential or business) or the monitoring center will need to verify the alarm is in fact truly an alarm. With a video surveillance system, the monitoring center can instantly see the video clips associated with the alarm to verify the alarm is genuine and request the police dispatch.

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