Automatic Doors

We’re Different

Silco is unique in that we specialize in Automatic Doors as well as the integration of the controls, that can be utilized with video surveillance systems and card access control systems. It is unusual for a company to do both pieces, and we have the expertise to do both as a turn-key solution. There are multiple options when it comes to Automatic Doors including Swing, Folding, Slide, Revolving.. It may seem like a lot of information to process. Don’t worry though, we have an easy solution! Consult one of our engineers today to schedule a no cost site evaluation visit. Our certified engineers will survey your location and give you options to fit any budget or installation requirements.


Inspections, Service & Preventative Maintenance

Automatic Doors require an annual inspection. Our technicians are certified to Install, repair, and perform regular maintenance checks on a virtually any Automatic Door configuration. Our inspections follow the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) standards including a written inspection report. Automatic Doors also need adjusting and lubrication. Most customers prefer to engage Silco in an annual or semi-annual preventative maintenance program to help improve reliability and unwanted breakdowns.


Improved Safety & Security

Other than excellent functionality, automatic doors provide enhanced safety and security. During a fire emergency, a door can be set to hold itself open, allowing those inside to get safe and easy passage from the building. These doors can also be closed remotely once all personnel have evacuated the area. This function is very useful when fires occur, as the doors can be closed to prevent the fire from spreading and causing further damage. It’s also useful when the establishment becomes part of a danger zone, the doors can automatically lock and restrict access into the building.


Ways To Activate

Automatic Doors work by using motion sensors. These sensors are placed on the sides or on top of the sliding doors to detect moving people that intend to enter. Some automatic doors also use weight sensors, in which the sensor is disguised, usually as a mat, and is placed in front of the door. It opens when someone steps on the mat. Automatic doors are also perfect for people with disabilities, as they are not limited on how they would be able to access the building. Silco can install, repair and perform regular maintenance checks on a variety of Automatic Doors. Contact us for a free no cost site visit to determine which Automatic Door option fits your budget, and building requirement.

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