Automatic Gates

6 Questions To Ask Yourself During Site Design

So you’ve determined that you need an Automatic Gate, great! Now what? these are the questions you should consider when choosing an Automatic Gate Installation during your site design:

What operator will I need for this gate?

Is there adequate room for the type of gate operator on the property, ie: Slide Gate, Swing Gate, Vertical Pivot Gate. Are there any obstructions that would prevent normal operation?

How will vehicles be protected?

This means safety devices in place such as a Photoeye, Presence Sensor, Gate Edge, Reverse Loop etc.

How will pedestrians be protected?

Is a pedestrian gate needed for walk up traffic with an Intercom or Access Control? Pedestrians should never use a vehicle gate.

How will the tenants access the property?

Guest code on keypad, Intercom, Guard Shack etc.

How will visitors access the property?

Guest code on keypad, Intercom, Guard Shack etc.

How will users exit the property?

Free Exit Loop, Code required to leave, Transmitters etc.

Introduction to Automatic Gates

Forced Entry Protection

Installation Of Your Automatic Gate

Silco can Install, repair and perform regular maintenenance checks on a variety of Automatic Gates. All installs are done to current UL325 Standards (last UL325 update was 2018). This pertains to the number of safety devices used on the gate to prevent the gate from trapping or hitting a person or vehicle. Safety devices can be Photoeyes, Edge Sensors, Reversing Loops cut in the driveway, Presence
Sensors, etc.

UL Classifications:
Class I Residential Vehicular Gate Operator (3.15)
Class II Commercial / General Vehicular Gate Operator (3.3)
Class III Industrial / Limited Acess Vehicular Gate Operator (3.9)
Class IV Restricted Access Vehicular Gate Operator (3.16)

Maintenance Performed On Your Automatic Gate

Silco recommends having preventative maintenance performed on your Automatic Gate Semi-Annually. This ensures the most efficient operation and keeps your gate within proper safety codes. Work
performed during a Semi-Annual preventative maintenance check includes:

  1. Oil and lubricate all moving parts, requiring such
  2. Check chain/belt tension and adjust as required (Includes proper balance verification)
  3. Check safety components/loops for proper operation (adjust as required)
  4. Check for proper open and close limit operation (adjust as required)
  5. Clean and adjust clutch, as applicable
  6. Check all rollers, hinges, pivot points, chain brackets, and connection arms, as applicable
  7. Visual check of all weld connections
  8. Test/check batteries for proper recharging and load operation
  9. *Any deficiencies found will be reported to the customer, and provided with a cost to repair/replace

Schedule Your No-Cost Site Visit

If you would like more information on Automatic Gates installed at your location, contact your local Silco office. One of our knowledgeable and friendly Engineers will come to your location, listen to your wants and needs, and provide you with options that fit your space and budget. At Silco, we have a saying – “The answer is yes, now what’s your question?”.

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