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Can You Use A Grill After a Fire Extinguisher Sprayed It?

So… you went a little crazy with the lighter fluid on your charcoal grill, or maybe forgot to check if the hoses on your propane grill were tight before lighting. Now you have a big problem, a grill on fire that feels like the sun, and the neighbors are starting to stare. You put out the fire with your Silco fire extinguisher, and now you’re wondering “can I start over and use my grill again without hurting my family, guests or myself?”

The short answer is yes, but with some exceptions. It depends on what type of extinguisher you used to put out the fire.

Which Type of Fire Extinguisher Did You Use?

If you used dry chemical (ABC), carbon dioxide, halotron or water, a quick clean-up is all that’s necessary and you’re back to grilling!  

  • (ABC) Dry chemical is the same chemically as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • Carbon dioxide puts out the fire by removing all the oxygen from the immediate area. It then just blows away without any need for cleanup.
  • Halotron is a vaporizing liquid that evaporates completely without any trace, and water is, well, water.

If you put out the fire with a multi-purpose dry chemical, foam, or purple K dry chemical extinguisher, you need to wait until the grill is cool to clean it out. This would be an ideal time to order a pizza and learn from your mistakes!

All of these types leave a chemical residue that will need to be scrubbed, wiped out and left to dry. The multi-purpose dry chemical type is corrosive and could cause more serious health issues if ingested. Once your grill is thoroughly clean and dry, you can use it again — but be more careful moving forward! 

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