Most people have heard of Halon fire suppression systems. Halon systems were widely used to protect high value assets from fire, such as server rooms, telephone rooms, electrical rooms, museums, aircraft engines, etc. Halon quickly extinguished a fire, was electrically non conductive, and left no residue to clean up.

Halon was a gas that depleted the ozone layer, and as a result new halon was not permitted to be sold starting in 1994.

FM-200 was the most popular Halon replacement for many years. It works well, and does not deplete the ozone layer, although it does have a high Global Warming Potential. FM200 is still sold today, but there are greener choices available, which we will discuss in a moment.

Ecaro (HFC125) is another agent that came about as a Halon alternative. Like FM200 this agent does not deplete the ozone layer, but has a high Global Warming Potential. This agent also has a very small safety factor for human safety.

In the last 10 yeas some new products have entered the market that appear to be the long term Halon replacements that are green from an environmental standpoint and are safe for people.

Ansul brought Novec1230 to market under the name Sapphire. Novec1230 has no Ozone Depletion Potential, a Global Warming Potential of 1 (Compared to 3,200 for FM 200) and an Atmospheric Lifetime of 5 days (compared to 32 years for FM 200). Ansul provides a 20 year environmental warranty with the product as well.

Ansul also brought Inergen to market. Inergen is blend of inert gasses that exist in the air we breathe today. Inergen was designed for NASA to create safe breathing environments for people where combustion could not occur. Inergen has 0 Ozone Depletion Potential, 0 Global Warming Potential, and 0 Atmospheric Lifetime. It also comes with an Ansul environmental warranty.

To read more about these agents, please visit our Special Hazard Suppression System webpages, which contain videos and brochures about these newer products.

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